The OakPoint Team

The OakPoint team is based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and is comprised of experienced professionals that provide you with the service and quality of life you deserve. You can contact us, or reach out to a specific team member below.

Each of our Site Managers understand their daily roles, which means that not only will they stay on top of keeping the buildings and grounds looking great but they will return your call or email that same day.

Note: For maintenance concerns or requests, please contact your site manager. Please remember to provide the reason, your full name, suite number and click on the name of your property you are residing at so we are able to find you quickly.

N.Scott Seibel
President / Director Of Operations
Greyson Seibel
Maintenance Department
Brian Doucette
Edmonton Manager
Aspen Ridge Site Manager
Brian Doucette
McQueen Gardens Site Manager
English Manor Site Manager
Greyson Heights Site Manager
The Alexandrine Site Manager
Kayla / Dusten
Peyton Place Site Manager

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