The Alexandrine

10556 - 84 Ave, Edmonton, Alberta T6E 2H4

Located amongst many of the Heritage homes in the Stathcona area of Edmonton - only 2 blocks from the river valley or from the trendy street of Whyte Ave. This property offers one and two bedroom suites.

If you need to get to the U of A campus it is only a 10 to 15 minute walk, or short 5-10 minute bus ride - which means you will never have to worry about parking fees at the U of A!

Notice: There is a no pet or children policy at this building as most of our tenants are PHD or Master students wanting a quiet place to study and sleep.

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Starting from $875


Transit Access
No Smoking

About the property

The property has been renovated with new windows and doors for better heating and cooling, improved hallways with new lighting, carpet and fresh paint. 

The outside of the property has been refinished as well, including fresh paint on the building and balconies, and the grounds have been updated with mulch and new surrounding lighting for the safety of all our tenants when the sun sets.

Suites on the second and third floor do have balconies and gas barbeques are welcome. Laundry is also available on the first floor for our tenants.

As of June 1, 2012 The Alexandrine was added to The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program with the Edmonton Police Service.

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There are currently no vacancies available.

From the Vine

Our valued tenants have some great things to say about this property. Check it out!

Hands-down best management at any place we've rented. Scott, Brian and the whole Oakpoint team were very friendly, professional, and always punctual. Any issues we ran into and any questions we had were solved and answered immediately. We lived at the Alexandrine for 4.5 years and loved it. It truly felt like home. Our unit was quiet and cozy. We never had any problems with neighbors, and the location is the best.

Ben and Hansol

“I stayed at the Alexandrine for almost 4 and a half years and had a great time as a tenant here. The Oakpoint team was friendly and extremely responsive to any concerns and were also very flexible with extending my lease and other formalities. This was by far my most comfortable renting experience as yet (across 3 different countries!) and I highly recommend Oakpoint properties for anyone, especially international workers like me for whom the Canadian rental market can be difficult to navigate. When it came time for me to move out and leave Canada, the Oakpoint team was great too and the procedure took only a few minutes and was painless and stress-free.”

DM Postdoctoral Scientist at the University of Alberta

Here’s a little testimonial: “I had a fantastic time living at The Alexandrine. Groceries & restaurants are walking distance away, and the University is only a short bus ride. The neighbourhood is serene & especially beautiful in spring/summer – there are also bicycle paths everywhere! Brian, Scott, and the team at Oak Point care about the property & their tenants and it really shows. Thanks for making my time here so enjoyable!”


We lived at the Alexandrine for 5 years and will miss our cozy corner home - if we were to live in Edmonton again we'd come back in a heartbeat. The Alexandrine is a central spot in Old Strathcona and is perfect for walking to the university and exploring the community. Scott and the Oak Point team are quick to respond to any issues and are always on top of maintenance and cleaning of the property. Even in a crazy year, Scott has always gone above and beyond for his tenants (even installing hand sanitizer stations at each entrance!). Definitely recommend renting from the Oak Point Team! Thanks again and cheers

Alix and Saturday

Perfect location, The Alexandrine is a great building, super cute suite. The building is quiet, and there's very little noise that travels off of Whyte Ave. Anything you could possibly need is a quick walk away, the location is again, perfect.


My expectations as a tenant in the Alexandrine were far beyond exceeded. The Oakpoint team was on top of everything and put a lot of time and effort into cleaning and maintaining the property. The building felt very safe because it was so well taken care of. The location in Old Strathcona is perfect. It was a short walk to the UofA, across from a park, and only a couple blocks from the river valley. I really enjoyed my years here during grad school and I would highly recommend this property.


I lived at the Alexandrine for 2 decades (!). I loved the central location- steps away from Whyte Avenue & the river valley. Easy to get downtown and other parts of the city by bus or car. My rent was relatively stable during my time at the property, I hadn't had a rent increase the last three years I lived there. Scott and team were always quick to respond and fix anything that came up. After major snowfalls the lot was always cleared out and in the spring the lot was swept and new lines painted. There were always improvements made- new intercom system and some aesthetic embellishments made the hallways much nicer are two things that come to mind. Cons to point out would be residual noise from Whyte Ave late at night on weekends and my south facing apartment got very hot in the summer. My reason for leaving is that I was able to buy my own home, otherwise I would have continued to live there and I recommend Oak Point properties.


The Alexandrine is a wonderful and quiet building in a perfect location just off Whyte Ave. Everyone on the Oak Point team was great to work with. The few small issues that came up during my year at the property fixed incredibly fast. This is by far the most well-managed building I have ever lived in, it was unfortunate to have to leave due to relocating to Calgary. I would recommend this building or Oak Point to anyone looking for a great rental experience.


在過去的 18 個月裡住在 The Alexandrine 是一種樂趣。斯科特和布賴恩哪裡好對付!我會建議任何正在尋找優秀建築和管理公司的人不要再看了!我完成學業後要回家,但如果我回到 A 大學,我肯定會搬回 Scott 的一棟建築! Zài guòqù de 18 gè yuè lǐ zhù zài The Alexandrine shì yīzhǒng lèqù. Sī kē tè hébù lài ēn nǎlǐ hǎo duìfù! Wǒ huì jiànyì rènhé zhèngzài xúnzhǎo yōuxiù jiànzhú hé guǎnlǐ gōngsī de rén bùyào zài kànle! Wǒ wánchéng xuéyè hòu yào huí jiā, dàn rúguǒ wǒ huí dào A dàxué, wǒ kěndìng huì bān huí Scott de yī dòng jiànzhú!


Living in The Alexandrine was a great experience. As students, the location was excellent (walking distance to the UofA or a 10 minute bus ride). The suite was clean, well-maintained, and very safe. Scott was very professional and on top of things. Any problems within the suite were addressed immediately. A great experience, and we were sorry to leave!

Jenn and Charles

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