"Perfect location, The Alexandrine is a great building, super cute suite. The building is quiet, and there's very little noise that travels off of Whyte Ave. Anything you could possibly need is a quick walk away, the location is again, perfect."


This was my very first apartment and I honestly can’t thank Scott and his team enough for making my time there the most peaceful and enjoyable. Whenever I had any questions or concerns a quick email to Scott or Kayla, the building manager, always remedied the situation. Living in downtown, where it can feel a bit congested or overwhelming at times, Scott and the team always took the necessary steps to make sure their tenants felt safe and comfortable in their suites. Although my time at Peyton Place was short to due to employment found outside of the country, I know that if I ever decide to move back to Edmonton, Scott and Oak Point Developments would be one of the first I would contact. I already miss my suite at Peyton Place and would recommend 100% to anyone looking to rent or live in downtown Edmonton.


For anyone that is looking for staff that cares about their tenants then look no further then with Scott and his team at Oak Point Developments. My mom lived at McQueen Gardens for the last three years and what ever the isssue was Brian the site manager or Scott himself would be there to fix what ever the issue was. My mom needed to move to an Asst. living property or she would still be there as she has mentioned she misses her friends at the building! I personal want to say thank you to Scott and Brian for making my moms stay at McQueen a great experience for her and our family! ML


There is not enough that I can say about Scott and his team! I had lived at Greyson Heights for over 6 years and Tamrra and Marksmen the two site managers where always there to answer my questions and if there was a something worng wether it was in my suite or on the grounds Scott or his crew where there the next day to fix it! I am sorry that I have finishedmy schooling and it was time for me to move back to BC but I will miss my old home for sure and you can not go worng living in one of Scott's properties!


I have been a tenant at Aspen Ridge for just over 2 years and I have been very happy with Oak Point. Scott and Flow always answered any of my questions or deal with my concerns with in hours of me emailing them. The LRT makes it very easy for me to get to class at the U of A from my door step! Thumbs up guys!


I wanted to thank Scott and his team as they made the last 5 years with them a great experience. When every I had an issue they seem to be there that day or the next day to fix it and make sure I was happy! When I come back to Edmonton I will be defiantly be staying at one of Scott’s properties again!


I definitely appreciate Scott's hard work to make me comfortable in the move to Alberrta and my stay here at McQueen Gardens. To me this shows great service, and it is also a good fact of why he is the VP and director of operations!!!


I lived in the Alexandrine for 3 years in a 1 bedroom apartment. I had a great time living in this building, it was maintained constantly, kept very clean and was quiet and peaceful at all times. Any time I had an issue it was responded to almost immediately and dealt with very quickly. I only left to be closer to family, otherwise I think I would have stayed on as long as possible. I always felt very safe and comfortable here. Thanks for everything! I truly enjoyed living in this building.


We lived at The Alexandrine for 3 years and had a fantastic experience. Everyone at Oak Point was easy to get a hold of and very helpful whenever we had questions or needed anything fixed. Andrea and Scott made our 3 years at The Alexandrine wonderful. We cannot say enough amazing things about the location of this building! I was able to walk everywhere I needed to go.

Caitlin and Fred

"I have lived in many apartments in my life and most of them have been typical apartment life, noisy, sketchy, run down and if there is ever an issue, it usually took weeks (or longer) for the issue to be fixed. I had once went 5 months in an apartment suite with no hot water in my bathroom sink even when contacting the landlord weekly. It was a huge (positive!) change living in this building. Nothing like that has ever happened in the 3 years total I've rented from Oak Point Developments at English Manor. Regardless of what the problem was (and there weren't many), I was contacted extremely quickly and most things (clogged sink/shower head/etc) were fixed same day or at least within the next day or two and I always felt well taken care of. The building/suite was beautifully renovated and always kept extremely clean and well-groomed, and even though this building was not in the very best of neighborhoods, I still always felt safe due to their crime-free program and the type of tenants allowed in the building."


Living in The Alexandrine was a great experience. As students, the location was excellent (walking distance to the UofA or a 10 minute bus ride). The suite was clean, well-maintained, and very safe. Scott was very professional and on top of things. Any problems within the suite were addressed immediately. A great experience, and we were sorry to leave!

Jenn and Charles

Living in The Alexandrine was a great experience for us and would love to live there if we move back to Edmonton.


Peyton Place is a great location for anyone not wanting to drive. Shopping and restruants are with in minutes if you like to walk. Oak Point Staff was great to work with. Loved my time at Peyton Place as I was there for 18 months.


McQueen Gardens Super Safe, extremely quite, friendly tenants, large renovated suits with balcony, tons of parking, close to bus and shopping, easy access to downtown + Whyte Mud and Yellowhead Excellent staff and management

Matt G

Scott Just a thank you for the 7 years I rented a suite from Oakpoint. I was very happy with all the services provided by Oakpoint at McQueen Gardens


I lived at one of Oak Point property for 18 months and all I can say is AAA! The management was on top of everything from cleaning the property to making sue the parking lots where clear of snow. When I come back to Edmonton I will be staying at one of the their properties again!! Thank you Scott and your team!


"I only lived at Peyton Place a short time, but I loved it. The building is in a fantastic location. Its very easy to get to the U of A and other areas of the city. The suite was beautifully renovated and many of my friends complimented on how nice it was. Whenever I had a question or a concern it was always dealt with by the management quickly and professionally. If I moved back to Edmonton I would definitely rent with Oak Point Developments again and I would not hesitate to recommend them to a friend."


A few months after we first moved into Peyton Place, the building was sold to Oak Point Developments. We were initially a bit nervous because the professionalism of management factors greatly into our quality of life as renters, and we weren't sure how the new management company would look after our building or our concerns as tenants. As it turns out, Oak Point Developments is the best management company I've dealt with to date. The building was a bit run down when they bought it and they have consistently been renovating the building to elevate it above a typical three floor walk-up. When I was concerned about balcony rot and it was discovered that the previous owners were using band-aid solutions to fix a costly rot issue, Oak Point replaced all of the balconies in the building and upgraded the railings to give it a more modern look. When we have a maintenance issue they are always very responsive, to the point where they'll even do extra work while they're there (I asked for our bathroom outlet to be fixed and they cleaned our bathroom fan to make it less noisy)! They replaced all of the windows and balcony doors in the building, which made the building more environmentally friendly and made our downtown apartment quieter. They consistently check for bed bugs multiple times a year; bed bugs are gross to think about but they are a problem that emerges in apartments and it's reassuring to know that Oak Point actively works to prevent them, unlike many management companies out there. There are a few cheaper apartments in our area but we have renewed our lease with Oak Point for a second year. When we were discussing the idea of moving we decided that management companies can make or break a rental experience, and the level of service and professionalism that Oak Point provides is too rare to pass up. I would strongly recommend Oak Point to anyone who is looking for a service-focused company who will ensure that your time in their apartment meets the highest standards of quality.


Our time even tho was for only 6 months we enjoyed our suit at English Manor. The building is quite and clean and we would recomend the building to anyone. The staff at Oak Point where great and Scott helped us out with the move to Edmonton.


"Are you looking for a clean,save,secure place to live? I strongly recommend Oak Point Developments Inc. I recently moved from McQueen Gardens apts. Extreme friendly competent staff, especially the site manager there. Beautiful well maintained garden and complex. Residents friendly and caring"


For my husband and I English Manor was our first home and we loved it! The apartment was beautiful and spacious, the management was very friendly and professional and the landlord couldn't have been better. We were very happy there, you won't be disappointed if you choose a home with Oakpoint."


You and your staffs professionalism in making the move out very easy is greatly appreciated. With making all the times available when I was able to do all the business was appreciated. I would highly recommend renting from you.


Working with Oak Point was incredibly easy and simple. All of the staff are very friendly and professional, and always ensure the tenants are treated with the utmost respect. I highly recommend using Oak Point the next time you're looking for a place to rent!


We loved living at Aspen Ridge as we found the building and the other tenants great. I loved the the LRT being so close and I could get to my class at the U of A with in 15 minutes from my door step! I will miss my suite and Edmonton!


Thank you Scott! We loved our suite at Greyson Heights for the last two years! Oak Point and Scott are AAA+ company to rent from!


I lived in the Alexandrine for about 3 years. The property was always well kept and communication with the management was great. My unit was very attractive, especially for the price. Its a good deal compared to other buildings in the area that I visited. I definitely recommend the Alexandrine, and Oak Point.


I would like to thank Scott and Ricky for the last few years as the ran a great place for me to live!


I will miss my suite at The Alexandrine! It was a great place to call home the last two years!


Thank you very much for your helping us finding a home for our son while he finished his schooling at the U of A! I really appreciate knowing he had a safe place to call home for thoses 18 months.

Mr. J. Lawless

I will miss my suite! Thanks you Scott and your staff for a great year at Apsen Ridge


Thank you Oak Point and Scott we loved out time at Greyson Heights!


Thanks you so very much for the service and kindness here at McQueen Gardens!


McQueen Gardens is the perfect fit for me! I love my home!


Your website did not lie! Great suite and loved the location!


Wow what service! If you had an issue Rick or Scott where there to help you out right away! Thanks guys!


Highly recommended, the suite at Greyson Heights was great! Scott was extremely helpful and made the move to Edmonton easy -Top marks


Scott you where awesome thank you for finding me a home for the last 12 months! I loved The Alexandrine! I will miss the building and Whyte Ave!


If your are looking for a well run apartment building with no issues and no weird people coming and going then look no further! English Manor was a great building!


Thank you! The suite at Aspen was exactly what I was looking for!


Aspen Ridge was a nice clean quite building! I loved that the LRT was 40 seconds from my door! U of A in 12 minutes! Thanks Scott and Oak Point for a safe place to live!


We loved our suite at English Manor, we where sorry that our program at NAIT was over and we had to move back to BC. Scott was great to us for the 18 months that we lived there! If we every come back we know where we want to live!


Are you looking for a nice place to live? Then consider McQueen Garden Apartments, we have a wonderful community of friends just outside the door and enjoy many activities! We feel safe and secure in our surroundings and enjoy the quietness of the building and can say it feels like home!